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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a new site?

IMSS has a link to request a new site on their web hosting information page. You'll need to provide a main site administrator as well as a billing contact and POETA.

How much does this service cost?

There is a $50 setup fee to cover the cost of the SSL certificate we need to protect your access.caltech password. Then it is $15/month for the web site hosting.

Is documentation available that demonstrates the process of creating a web site using the template or is a sample or demo-site available for us to look at?

One of the sites that makes use of our template is the Student Affairs website. Documentation for setting up your site is provided within the admin section of your new site.

Can the templated web site support multiple pages? For example, if we would like to have separate pages for Home, Audit, IT Audit, Compliance, and so on.

Yes, the content management system (CMS) allows you to add multiple pages and automatically adds them to your site navigation. If you want to change the order of those pages, there is a page that allows you to rearrange the order and nesting of these items. There is a limit to how deeply you can nest items, but if your site is larger than average, it is possible for us to change that limit.

Can the templated web site support the use of web forms (such as a text box in which visitors can write information and submit the contents to a specific email address)?

Yes. You can use the same Metafeedback email system you would use on your personal account to create web forms that email the information to you.

Can we upload documents (i.e. PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG) to the web site?

Yes, and you can create specific document folders to help you organize your files.

How much storage space is available for the website?

While total storage space limits are still being determined, the size limit per document is currently set at 10 MB.

Are templated sites backed up regularly?

Both the database and file system are backed up nightly.

What if I require more complex templated hosting services?

IMSS will determine the appropriate charge for customized hosting depending on the services requested. Contact us at for more information.

Can we have more than one designated administrator for the website?

We ask for a main administrator when you sign up for the service but after that, you are free to add other people to help maintain content. The current permissions system allows an editor to be able to edit any of the site's content (text, images, and uploaded files). The administrator can do all the editing plus create users and configure the main site options (such as contact info in the footer and home page images).

Do I need any special knowledge or skills to develop the web pages?

No more than you need to run Microsoft Word. We use TinyMCE as the WYSIWYG editor and have extended it with a couple of custom plugins, including an interface to an online photo editing service ( so you can resize, crop, and tweak images for your site. It doesn't completely replace Adobe Photoshop but is simple to use.

It is possible to keep the old site functioning and then transfer over to the new website at a specified date?

Yes. We'll set up while you transfer your content. When you are ready, we'll change the DNS entry to transition to the new website.

Can we create pages that are access restricted?

Yes. Any page or section of the site can be restricted to be available only to users connecting from campus or JPL, and/or available only to users logged in to your site.

Will the web site will be hosted on a shared virtual server?


For further questions about template hosting, please contact